Monday, July 19, 2010

Wilbur® Chocolate Duet Brings Bakers to the Mixing Bowl.

Wilbur® has recently introduced Chocolate Duet(TM) powdered mix, which allows bakers to easily create indulgent treats with chocolate liquor.  Chocolate as an ingredient can be incorporated as a liquid, in wafers, chips or blocks. In order for manufacturers to include a "made with real chocolate" claim on their packaging, they must have an inclusion such as a chocolate chip, or they must include chocolate liquor in the product.

Chocolate liquor which has historically been the most difficult form to use in baking due to the necessity of holding it or melting it into a liquid form, has made it difficult to include in recipes. Wilbur® Chocolate Duet(TM) powdered mix, which is a proprietary blend of chocolate liquor and cocoa mixed into a powder form, offers versatility and gives bakers an easier way to formulate with chocolate liquor.

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As a powder, Wilbur® Chocolate Duet(TM) incorporates easily into baked goods, such as the brownie bites Cargill is featuring at IFT, and other mixes. It requires no melting, processing or special storage, yet, because the ingredient is made with chocolate liquor, products that contain it can be labeled as "made with real chocolate."

"Wilbur® Chocolate Duet(TM) powdered mix also adds a rich, indulgent chocolate flavor experience that you can't achieve with cocoa powder alone," adds Cole. "With its ease of use, great flavor and support for label claims, this product is inspiring some innovative new applications for chocolate in delicious comfort foods."